Recently #1

My life has been pretty much go-go-go recently. I’m currently half way through my second year of uni studying teaching. A coulpe of weeks ago I finished my first major practical experience which was amazing. Teaching is so rewarding – nothing beats the feeling when kids finally get that light bulb moment. It was also extremely challenging, my mentor teacher and I weren’t always on the same page. I learnt a lot, both in my teaching methods and how to deal with people I couldn’t always agree with.



The night I finished my practical I flew out  to Europe with my family. We went to London, Rome and Positano. London was the best, I want to move there one day to study fashion design and live off M&S  salads. Rome was fantastic, the amount of history in just one city was mind-blowing. The next stop was Positano, a cute little Italian village on the Amlfi Coast. It was a great end to a week filled with sight seeing – we got some much needed R&R and a lovely Mediterranean tan.



Work starts up again this week so some much need money will start to flow in (I spent most of it overseas… let’s not talk about that). Uni begins again next weekend which I’m not looking forward to, but at the same time I am keen to see all my friends again.

x Suzy


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