Hand Luggage Essentials for Long Flights

Hand Luggage Essentials for Long Flights

  1. Hand sanitiser. Because there are germs.
  2. Face wipes or a mini bottle of Bioderma. I took face wipes on this trip, but next time I would skip to a bottle of Bioderma.
  3. Multipurpose oil. I took Rose Hip Oil and used it on my face, cuticles and my hair.
  4. Lip Balm. It’s essential for anything so duh.
  5. Face mist – it’s the best feeling ever….
  6. Something to make you smell nice.
  7. Hairbrush. Messy hair = stressed out Suzy.
  8. Pimple zappers.
  9. Entertainment.
  10. Cushion/pillow.

x Suzy


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