Beauty Bits Storage

Beauty Bits Sotrage Collage

I love to see how people organise all their makeup and skincare. Other than what’s in my handbag? posts, these are my favourites to read. Some bits – mostly cleansers and hair care – are stored in the bathroom but on the whole I keep all my cosmetics in my bedroom. I much rather doing my skincare and my makeup in my bedroom. Like with the rest of my room, my storage systems need to be organised, tidy and most of all, look nice.

In the Bathroom: 

I like to keep a few bottles – the most used ones – upright near my sink. I keep them together in a vintage green square glass box. Toothpaste and a toothbrush are an essential on any sink as is some handwash.

Beauty Bits Storage 2
Under my sink I keep more cleansers in a draw. I organise my draw using a few plastic containers. One for cleansers, one for cotton pads and one for all my extra dental bits.
Beauty Bits Storage 3
In my shower, I keep a number of things on the in-built shelf. Nothing unusual here – body wash, scrub, conditioners and shampoos.
Beauty Bits Storage 4

In the Bedroom: 

I have one shelf in my wardrobe filled with all the makeup and skincare I use regularly. Of course I’ve got bits that I don’t like and I stash them out of sight. I have a mini shelf system which is painted blue and covered in some colourful paper. I keep all of my skincare and most of my makeup in here. All the products are ordered in the order I apply them on my face. Yep.

Beauty Bits Storage 1

Next to the mini shelves I have a number of different cups storing eye products, brushes, face products, lip products and hair ties. A small tray stores all my jewellery which I wear on a daily basis.

On the other side of the shelves I keep my hairbrushes, body moisturisers and deodorant.

 Ahhh organised bliss. How do you organise all your beauty bits?

X Suzy


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