What To Wear: Teaching

what to wear teaching
Last term I completed my first ten week teaching practical. I have quite a few requirements  for a good outfit, it needs to be comfortable, practical, modest and not to precious.

I live in jeans and on prac there was no change. But not the blue denim type. Think black, brights, and patterns. The rule of thumb is to keep away from rips, blue denim and anything too casual. Jeans let you move freely and stay comfortable, perfect for sitting on the floor for mat time.

What to wear teaching jeans It’s winter at the moment, so I paired the jeans with a variety of jumpers and cardigans. Blue is the most flattering colour on me which is why I’ve got two that are similar. Grey is another favourite colour, and the others are a variety of patterns. Scarfs are also another staple which add a pop of colour and texture.

what to wear teaching jumperswhat to wear teaching acessories

Finally, I always wear the same boots, because let’s face it, I’m a student and the income doesn’t allow for multiple pairs of shoes. My ski jacket is also a necessity on cold mornings.

what to wear teaching shoes

X Suzy


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