The Review: Aesop Control Gel

Aesop Control Gel Review
There’s a reason why I’ve used almost two tubes of this stuff. It’s good. Really. Good. The Aesop Control Gel is my favourite spot cream and has been for a while. I love it because it actually reduces the pimples without drying out the skin. White heads and under-the-skin-spots alike. I tend  to apply a lot of product – perhaps that’s why I’ve used up almost two tubes – and I only get a smaller spot, no dry, flaky skin like other spot gels leave it.

What makes the gel so good is the combination of Niacinamide and Aloe Vera. My favourite serum has Niacinamide in it, and that made such a dramatic improvement to my skin so I know that my skin absolutely loves Niacinamide. The Aloe Vera prevents the skin from drying out and soothes the area.
Aesthetically, it’s completely clear but it is a bit sticky looking so I just rub it in when applying under makeup. Do we even need to mention the beautiful Aesop packaging???
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this spot cream if you have tried it!
X Suzy.

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