Inside My Bedroom

Inside my bedroom collage

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favourite bits of my bedroom. I take great pride in organising and styling all my beautiful possessions. I’m grateful to live in a beautifully decorated house by my mother, filled with heaps of different bright colours and textures.

The top of my chest of draws is one of my favourite places to store my more beautiful bits. You can see my jewellery stand and chest in the background. But my tiny perfume collection takes centre stage. IMG_4060

My bed needs to look soft, comfy and colourful. I actually make a lot of my own cushions and bed linen out of vintage fabric. The set I’ve got on my bed in this photo are store brought however. I also made the lace curtain hanging on the left of the photo. You can see I need as little clutter as possible on my bedside table, which allows it to be functional during the middle of the night.

Inside my bedroom 2


Inside my bedroom 3

I am obsessed with owls and here’s a snap of the majority of my owl collection.

Inside my bedroom 4

I hope these photos showed you some of my personality and provided you with some inspiration! I would love to see some of your homely snaps, too.

X Suzy


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