What to Wear: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Where I live, spring calls for a number of light layers which can be stripped down and added on to suit the weather. My staples are brought in a number of variations to suit my need for thousands of outfits – craziness I know.

My staples for spring are as follows: 
{Ripped Jeans} Mine are a DIY pair – but these are one of the biggest trends right now, you’ll find a pair easily. 

{Birkenstocks} The biggest thing in the way of footwear. Mine are in a style which is a little bit less common, which I prefer. 

{Long Sleeved T-Shirts} Perfect for layering…

{Lightweight Scarf} Pair with all of the above and you have a great outfit. 

What are you’re staples for spring outfits? 

X Suzy



2 thoughts on “What to Wear: Spring 2014

  1. layers, layers, layers! berkeley weather is so unpredictable that pretty much any season calls for a few. some of my favorite spring layering pieces are tanks, light long-sleeved tees, and cardigans!

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