Organisational Essentials

Organisational Essentials

In my little world, organised = sucess. Whilst this may not be true for everyone when my life is organised and tidy I’m so much more relaxed and happy. Here are my essential tools for an organised life:

{Timeful} this little iPhone app is great for scheduling events and to-dos. Something which a number of calendars fall down in is the integration of to-dos, but Timeful does this perfectly. Schedule your events such as work hours and classes, and slot in your to-dos around them.

{Diary} I personally prefer a week to a page view, where I can write all my events and classes down in. I have different colours for different types of events, and numerous sticky notes scattered around holding essential notes and to-do lists.

{Multi Coloured Pens} As mentioned above, coloured pens are essential to my organisation system. Each colour means something, meaning I can quickly glance at my diary and see what’s on. Also, they make a boring week look a lot more exciting.

{Monthly Calendars} I love monthly calendars because they provide you with a snapshot of your month. I have one for all my assignments coming up, and one for all my blog posts coming up. If I had a hectic social life (I wish) I would need one for that as well!

What are your organisational essentials?

X Suzy


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