Body Skin Care Bits

Body Skincare Bits

I doubt I’m not the only one to have a extensive skincare routine from neck and above, only to scrimp by with the rest of the body. These are my essential products to provide my body skin with some much needed attention:

{Dry Brushing} A great, simple and cheap way to exfoliate. It can be as quick as you like or more thorough depending on the pressure applied and the time spent.

{Jurlique Body Exfoliating Gel} I like to use this on areas where dry brushing seams a little harsh, like the chest and upper arms. This is a great option for blemish prone areas because it contains tea tree oil.

{Jurlique Citrus Shower Gel and Body Lotion} There’s nothing better than matching and layering scents. Both of these smell lovely and leave my skin feeling and smelling fresh. I’ve also used up a bottle each of the Jasmine scent which was lovely too.

{Razor} Do I need to explain my self?

{Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel} This fake tan is so subtle, I’m not sure if I would call it a fake tan. Which I surprisingly love. Because it’s so subtle, it’s virtually fool proof. I usually apply it for about a week until I see a lovely natural bronzed look appear on my skin.

Do you have any essential body bits?

X Suzy


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