What’s In my Bag? (Non Beauty)

What's In My Bag 1

Who doesn’t like to peek inside others bags? Today I’m bringing you the first instalment of mine. I like to switch up my bags a lot between uni, everyday and work. Therefore, I have my bag micro organised into little pouches so I don’t forget anything. My bag is from a market in Rome, and I think it was about 15 euro?? It’s my everyday bag, with no extra room after all this…

What's In My Bag 2

The micro organised content of my bag

What's In My Bag 3

  • First we have a big pouch filled with most of my beauty products (more on that later) and some miscellaneous products. I’ve got a packet of tissues, some hand sanitiser, some Panadol and my portable iPhone/iPad charger.
  • Next is a tiny Wittner card holder with my smartrider, Lanolips Lip Ointment in Rose, and my keys in it.
  • Then there’s my purse, which I got from Bali containing all the usual suspects of beauty store cards and money (sometimes).

X Suzy


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