Cleaning Out the Wardrobe

Cleaning out the wardrobeCleaning out one’s wardrobe is a great thing to do. Getting rid of those clothes which don’t fit/out of style/stained and making room for more, just has to be one of the most satisfying things (don’t laugh!). Plus, being the organisation freak I am, I’ll never skip a chance to do a touch of reorganising. Here are the steps I followed on my most recent clear out:

  1. Empty. That’s right, pull everything out of that wardrobe.
  2. Sort. I had three piles: definitely keeping, not sure & alter (me being handy with a sewing machine and all). Your piles are completely up to you however!
  3. Put away/fold the definitely keeping clothing.
  4. Try on the not sure pile. Decide whether or not to keep it. It helps to get a second opinion as well! Put away those clothes you want to keep.
  5. Donate/toss/alter those clothes which haven’t made it into the wardrobe.

What to Wear: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Where I live, spring calls for a number of light layers which can be stripped down and added on to suit the weather. My staples are brought in a number of variations to suit my need for thousands of outfits – craziness I know.
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