Cleaning Out the Wardrobe

Cleaning out the wardrobeCleaning out one’s wardrobe is a great thing to do. Getting rid of those clothes which don’t fit/out of style/stained and making room for more, just has to be one of the most satisfying things (don’t laugh!). Plus, being the organisation freak I am, I’ll never skip a chance to do a touch of reorganising. Here are the steps I followed on my most recent clear out:

  1. Empty. That’s right, pull everything out of that wardrobe.
  2. Sort. I had three piles: definitely keeping, not sure & alter (me being handy with a sewing machine and all). Your piles are completely up to you however!
  3. Put away/fold the definitely keeping clothing.
  4. Try on the not sure pile. Decide whether or not to keep it. It helps to get a second opinion as well! Put away those clothes you want to keep.
  5. Donate/toss/alter those clothes which haven’t made it into the wardrobe.

Recently #3

Recently #3Well I’ve taken quite a long, unexpected hiatus from blogging. I had these wonderful things called exams, which are now thankfully over (and the hangover which follows the end of exams has also passed now). Now that I’m on my break, hopefully blogging will be back in a big way! There are many ideas buzzing around in my head which are yet to make it onto paper (I’ve had enough of writing for a while thanks), and I’m looking forward to seeing them come to life on my blog. 

If your reading this, thanks for coming back after so much silence, here’s to a summer full of posts and the festive season! 

X Suzy

What’s In my Bag? (Non Beauty)

What's In My Bag 1

Who doesn’t like to peek inside others bags? Today I’m bringing you the first instalment of mine. I like to switch up my bags a lot between uni, everyday and work. Therefore, I have my bag micro organised into little pouches so I don’t forget anything. My bag is from a market in Rome, and I think it was about 15 euro?? It’s my everyday bag, with no extra room after all this…

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Recently # 2

I know it’s been a while, but I have been super busy. I’ve had a crazy amount of uni assignments due in the past few weeks, and thankfully I took a trip to Broome (Northern West Aust) last week. I really needed that trip, we did absolutely nothing, aside from lie by the pool, and I loved every minute of it. We stayed in the lovely Cable Beach Club Resort which is some sort of heaven for one week. I’ve returned with a tan and to a killer week at uni with three (!) assignments due.

Broome Sunset

One of the many gorgeous sunsets in Broome

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Ultimate Luxe Buys

Luxe Buys

Today I’m bringing you a list of products which are extravagant, expensive and fabulous. This list has been edited down to a “not really necessary by really nice to have” category, there are some luxury products which I deem “necessary” which don’t fit in here – I’m looking at you Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum.

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