Recently #3

Recently #3Well I’ve taken quite a long, unexpected hiatus from blogging. I had these wonderful things called exams, which are now thankfully over (and the hangover which follows the end of exams has also passed now). Now that I’m on my break, hopefully blogging will be back in a big way! There are many ideas buzzing around in my head which are yet to make it onto paper (I’ve had enough of writing for a while thanks), and I’m looking forward to seeing them come to life on my blog. 

If your reading this, thanks for coming back after so much silence, here’s to a summer full of posts and the festive season! 

X Suzy


Recently #1

My life has been pretty much go-go-go recently. I’m currently half way through my second year of uni studying teaching. A coulpe of weeks ago I finished my first major practical experience which was amazing. Teaching is so rewarding – nothing beats the feeling when kids finally get that light bulb moment. It was also extremely challenging, my mentor teacher and I weren’t always on the same page. I learnt a lot, both in my teaching methods and how to deal with people I couldn’t always agree with.

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